Experience with Da Nang Three- Souls

Traveling is a gift that people often reward themselves after hard-working times and traveling is not only relax, but also experience the emotion that we never forget.

At the weekend, If you are only in the coffee shops, cinemas, food stalls,etc, it is so boring, isn’t it? Why do not you take your bag and looking for new something? And Da Nang is the ideal destination that you have to go. Da Nang owns the beauty of romantic and modern. Regardless of a small city, but it makes someone is fascinated. Three pagodas called Linh Ung, that create special features, you will feel peaceful and mysterious space.If you like, you can book da nang tour

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1. Son Tra Linh Ung Pagoda

It is the biggest and the most famous pagoda in Da Nang. It is located on Son Tra peninsula. The pagoda has a good position, leaning against the mountain, facing to the sea, it creates a wonderful natural picture. On 2 sides of the entrance to the pagoda, there are many trees and an amazing view of pagoda, big and high Buddha statue with the height of 67m, which will make you amazed. People often come here to pray the good things and luck for their families, work and lives.

This place is very quiet and peaceful so it is very suitable for people who want to forget all bad things in their lives and find a new and peaceful place.

2. Linh Ung Ngu Hanh Pagoda

This is the second paradise which I want to introduce you. Let’s contemplate this famous ancient pagoda! Along the rocky cliffs on Thuy Son mountain, you can find the ways to this pagoda. This pagoda also has another name that is Ngoai pagoda. This place was built 200 years ago and has a special architecture so it becomes an ideal destinations for tourists to come here and visit all beautiful sight-seeings.  

When coming here, you will have a new and special motion in a peaceful place.This is also an ideal place for you to relax and forget all difficulties in lives.

Although Linh Ung Ngu Hanh pagoda was built many years ago and it is impacted d much by weather and people but it is always beautiful and bring the architecture of buddha cultures. Nowadays, it becomes a popular place where Vietnamese and foreigners often come to pray and express their gratitude. You can come here to find out more traditional cultures of Viet Nam and lives of people in this land.  

3. Being impressed by the views of Linh Ung Ba Na

Have you ever heard a special and beautiful paradise of Da Nang? it is Ba Na Hills, which is very famous for amazing cultural landscapes with the France architecture, colorful gardens and attractive activities. Especially, it also has another sight-seeing which is Linh Ung pagoda. Coming to Ba Na, you should visit this pagoda to contemplate white big and high Buddha statue in the view of white clouds and blue sky. Coming here, you will be very comfortable and relax.

Wish you will have the meaningful and happy trips!


Experience with Da Nang Three- Souls
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