Traveling to Ba Na Hills and the experiences you need

It is not far away, there is a beautiful place where is located in the heart of Da Nang city. Ba Na Hills is always the name of many people dream and “impatient” whenever someone mentioned. There is perfect something with your eyes when you feet this paradise, experience the feeling of floating between dreamlike scene.

As one of the tourist attractions, Ba Na is like a sapphire, an ideal destination for the soul of passion for feeling strange. Coming to this land to enjoy your dream vacation is a beautiful memory of the youth that you should not miss. This beauty of the mix between modern and classical will be interested.

Ba Na Hills promises to give you a sense of relaxation in each breath. If you are bored with the noisy town, you can find the moment of peace, to drop soul with majestic nature in the cloud and wind.

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Beside, Ba Na tourism also need a lot of issues that you notice, let follow this article to know more.

1. How do you move to Ba Na?

This is a question that many visitors, especially those who first came to Da Nang want to know. Actually there are so many choices to be able to move to this place. A good choice for many customers is rent a motorbike.It is convenient and cost-effective, especially when you travel with fewer people. Most of the hotels, homestays, motels in Da Nang have motorbike services so you do not have to be too concerned about finding the address, only from 100,000 to 150,000 you can are rent it.

If you are afraid of moving by motorbike, there is another opportunity to visit Ba Na that is take a bus from the city center to Ba Na with 70,000 dong. The bus will pick up at 72 Nguyen Chi Thanh so you remember to note this address! If you have more conditions, you can visit by taxi. In case of coming to Ba Na with family or large group of people you should choose tour because it is convenient.

2.Note when you want to spend the night in Ba Na

Ba Na is famous not only sight but also hotels. At night, the beauty of Ba Na is expressed. The pretty hotel is a good choice for you have romantic space. You tend to watch the night on the mountain. To ensure more for your relaxation,you should book early. You can book four stars hotel or a popular hotels such as Ba Na Bynight, Mimosa, Hoa Rung hotel…

3. Great experiences with Ba Na

Do you believe Ba Na have the scenery of four seasons in just one day? Ba Na is always change the romance shirt so that make travelers must be in love. Going to Ba Na, the first thing you experience is watching the city under the cable car with nearly 1400 meters. It is a great painting “charming aquatic”.

Then you visit the spiritual temple famous as Linh Ung Pagoda, Linh Phong tower … all the works bring bold cultural and symbol of Buddhism. When you stand here you will see your soul as calm and comfortable. what an ideal destination!

Le Jardin flower garden is a impression place. You can see the beautiful flower bouquet, the immersed buildings with bold French architecture, … can play some game with strong feeling such as electric cars, roller coaster, artificial climbing .. make sure you will love and do not want to leave.

The cuisine of Ba Na is also an interesting. If you eat lots of food here you won’t forget it.  There are lots of food that are cooked with the hands of talented chefs such as cakes, rolls, pancakes, .. The Vietnamese food or attractive dishes just make you feel happy.

That is the important experience that you should note, wishing everyone has a happy and meaning holiday  !

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Traveling to Ba Na Hills and the experiences you need
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